Lighthouse Carwash Business Opportunity
Lighthouse Carwash Business Opportunity  
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Lighthouse Carwash Automatic Carwash Build Specifications

Building Sizes
Five different standard building sizes to accommodate your needs. Custom sizes, including double-wide for twin Autec Automatics are available.

  • A larger building can improve the performance of your car wash operation.

  • A longer building gives you more flexibility in the types of equipment you can include in your car wash, giving you additional revenue generating opportunities.

  • Cars dry better if there is more drip space between the wash section and the dryer.

  • A well-lit Lighthouse Carwash building gives your car wash great street presence.  The longer the building, the more presence your operation will have.

  • A longer building gives you increased output, because you can have two cars in the wash at one time...more cars = more revenue!