Lighthouse Carwash Business Opportunity
Lighthouse Carwash Business Opportunity  
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The Lighthouse Carwash glass car wash concept is ever-adaptable. We will customize your glass car wash building to fit your individual needs. Below, enjoy pictures of our past Beacon Building Freestanding Carwash projects. For a list of other Lighthouse locations, Click Here. When you need more information, our expert staff will assist you in planning your Lighthouse Carwash; just call us: 800.204.4358 or send us a request form

Pictures of Jack Flash

Wanting the power to wash double the amount of cars in the same time as a Classic Lighthouse Automatic, Shay Gregory opted for a Lighthouse Dual Automatic, the newest design in glass car wash buildings. This building is 49' long and 38' wide, housing two AUTEC Soft Cloth rollover automatics. It is located in
Mt. Pleasant, SC.



Pictures of Andy's

Kevin Anderson, of Bluffton, IN, was within weeks of starting construction of a new conventional block conveyor when he saw his first Lighthouse Carwash glass building. He contacted Lighthouse, and we helped Kevin design his Lighthouse carwash according to his needs. His complete Lighthouse Facility consists of a 100' conveyor tunnel, 5 Lighthouse Self Serve Bays, and 2 Lighthouse R.V. Bays.