Overview of the Car Wash Industry

Since the invention of automobiles, people have been washing them. The road is a perfect place to pick up dirt, grime and salt that damages the appearance--and sometimes functionality-- of vehicles. Commercial car washing started in the early 20th century and as people's desire for convenience grew, so did the industry. Today, even small towns have one or more car washes; however, the industry has ample room for growth as consumers always seek a faster, better and more convenient experience.

For more information on carwashing history and the different carwash types, visit this link.

You know what carwashes do, and you may even know that the industry is ripe for growth. What you really want to know is: Should I get in the car wash business? There are three levels of involvement from which you could choose: Owner, Operator or Investor. If you think you fit into one of these categories, then the car wash business may just be right for you, contact us and we will give you a thorough consultation.

A car wash operator is tasked with keeping a car wash profitable and makes a living from successfully marketing the car wash and generating revenue. The operator is essentially the face of the car wash and interacts with consumers. The operator may or may not own part of the car wash. This option allows one to "be in business for yourself" without facing a significant investment in land, building or equipment. With Lighthouse Carwash, the operator can increase income by increasing car wash revenue through implementing our marketing programs to both individuals and groups.

Conversely, the car wash investor is looking for an opportunity to invest money into a profitable and sustainable venture. The investor is not involved in the daily operations of the car wash but can have involvement in how the car wash is operated. Lighthouse Carwash can handle all of the daily operations for an investor and provides regular, detailed reports on the car wash's profitability.

The car wash owner is both operator and investor. The owner is responsible for the investment and operations of the car wash. This may seem daunting, but having your own car wash can be a fun and rewarding experience. Often, owners develop relationships with their regular customers and can develop great customer loyalty just by being around the car wash. If you choose to participate in Lighthouse Carwash's licensing program, the owner does not have to worry about where to build a car wash or where the next great marketing idea will come from. Lighthouse Carwash can help reduce the risk involved in starting a business for yourself.


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