Lighthouse Carwash Business Opportunity
Lighthouse Carwash Business Opportunity  
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We hope you enjoy looking at these select photos of Lighthouse Self Serve Carwashes. For a full listing of Lighthouse Locations, Click Here. When you would like more information about Lighthouse Carwashes, visit our Special page, Contact Us from our website, or call toll-free: 800.204.4358.

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Pictures of Lite Brite Carwash

The Lite Brite Carwash in Indianapolis, IN has 4 Lighthouse Self Serve bays along with a 57' Lighthouse Automatic. The many vacuum islands have canopies that glow, making this a completely luminous facility.

Pictures of Keystone Citgo
The premiere Lighthouse Self Serve works in conjunction with a Citgo gas station and C-store. There are 6 bays of Self Serve and a 65' Lighthouse Automatic.
Pictures of Andy's

This Lighthouse Conveyor Wash in Bluffton, IN features 5 Lighthouse Self-Serve and 2 Lighthouse R.V. bays along with its 100' Lighthouse Conveyor Tunnel.
  Pictures of Tony's
Lighthouse Carwash

This 3 bay Lighthouse Self-Serve is located in South Bend, IN.
Pictures of Culpeper Carwash
6 Lighthouse Self Serve Bays and a 57' Lighthouse Automatic serve the community of Culpeper, VA. This location is directly in front of the town's Wal-Mart.