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Lighthouse Carwash Business Opportunity  
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Lighthouse Automatic Carwash

"The success of the Lighthouse Carwash is excellent. It's outperforming all of my other car wash locations, both in terms of car washes sold and increased gasoline sales. "We're used to selling one car wash for every 98 gallons of gas sold. Since we installed the Lighthouse Carwash glass building, we only need to sell 75 gallons of gas to sell a car wash – a 25% improvement. Lighthouse Carwash taps into two very crucial components – my customers’ safety and curb appeal that edges out the competition. We plan to repeat this success – we've already ordered two more
Lighthouse Carwash buildings."
– Dave Evans, President, Save More

"The Lighthouse Carwash has been a winner from day one. In our first month, we produced $13,000 in car wash sales. And, we sold over 200,000 gallons of gas – an 18% increase over our previous highest grossing month."The glass Lighthouse Carwash building has generated a lot of interest from my customers, because they feel comfortable and safe. It creates business from passing motorists and people at the gas pumps. I’m convinced that the Lighthouse Carwash building has increased my sales much more than a conventional car wash building would. I was so impressed with the Lighthouse Carwash that we have another one currently under construction and have plans to build several more in the future."
– Jon Lassus, Jr., Vice President, Lassus BP

About his Emerald Island Pro Wash, Joe Nance says the response so far has been outstanding. “We opened on a Saturday with no advertising, no announcement or anything. To be honest, I wasn’t even planning on opening that weekend. I was there to do some fine-tuning and other last minute stuff. But people were curious...word got out and by Sunday we had washed 167 cars. I thought that was pretty good.”

-Joe Nance in an interview with Professional Carwashing and Detailing, March 2000

“Everytime we discussed monthly sales projections with Autec’s sales rep, he kept quoting unbelieveable numbers, We felt sure that the car wash would be a profitable investment, but whenever he would spout off these ‘pie-in-the-sky’ numbers, my partners and I would nod our heads toward him in agreement, then glance at each other and snicker under our breath, ‘Yeah! Right!’ we were thinking. Well, the car wash installation was completed and our month-end came after only three weeks of operation. When we ran our monthly totals, we couldn’t believe our eyes. After just three weeks, we were on track to exceed the salesman’s projections. He wasn’t ‘blowing smoke’ after all. The Autec Soft Cloth and Lighthouse Building combination is true to its claims: the Lighthouse building attracts customers and the performance of the Autec keeps them coming back. We couldn’t be happier.”

-Steve Isaacs of Pioneer Petroleum & Fastop Stores




“The combination of the Autec soft Cloth Wash and the Lighthouse Glass Car Wash building has had a tremendous impact on oour gas gallonage and inside store sales. We have had steady increases since we opened the carw washes in December of 1999. The gas sales have increased 20% and inside sales are now over $100,000 per month. The uniqueness of the glass automatic wash and the glass self service wash makes it far superior to conventionally contructed buildings. I am doing two more Autec washes and Lighthouse Glass Buildings this year and I am confident that I will see the same increases at those locations.”

Warren Johnson & Brian Johnson
Keystone Citgo Quik Mart