Lighthouse Carwash Business Opportunity
Lighthouse Carwash Business Opportunity  
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What makes a Beacon Building produce a line of cars like this?

We have outlined three specific reasons explaining why Lighthouse Carwash Solutions' glass buildings outperform traditional car wash facilities.

1. A Beacon Building brings more customers into a site
As the name "Beacon" implies, the brightly lit glass car wash building glows to invite customers in. "Visually, this site sells itself," says Jon Lassus, owner of two locations, including the very first one. "People drive by, not planning to wash their cars, but they see the lit up glass building and decide to get a wash." Not only are marketing costs lower, but a site with multiple profit centers, such as a convenience store or a quick lube operation, enjoys the benefit of these additional customers throughout all areas of business.

2. A Beacon Building location produces more carwash revenue from the customers it attracts
Once a customer visits a quick lube or convenience store site, they are more likely to purchase a car wash, due to the attractive, inviting glass building. "Our site is not the highest volume gas site in county," said Jim Farish of Pumper's Premium, "but I certainly believe it's the highest volume car wash associated with a convenience store."
And, because the brightly lit building has a safe, open feeling, there is no reason to close a car wash with a Beacon Building at sundown, as with traditional washes. "We get far more nighttime washes at our Lighthouse sites than at our conventional sites, and I'm sure it's because of the visibility," added Jon Lassus.
Additionally, Beacon Buildings can produce higher average revenues per car than traditional washes. One location, Auto Clean Express in Gastonia, North Carolina, offers washes at $5/$6/$7/$10 price points, and is enjoying a very healthy revenue of $6.94 per car. 29% of Auto Clean Express's business is at the $10 "Supreme" level. "Conventional car washes can't support price points of $10 or more," asserts Lighthouse Carwash Solutions' co-founder Mike Kinslow. "The Lighthouse Carwash experience is so much better than what a customer finds in a dark, cinder block building, that our operators are able to charge more, increasing their profits."

3. A Beacon Building creates customer loyalty
Because the glass building is unique, it helps an operator differentiate his operation in a competitive marketplace. Surveys of customers at Lighthouse Carwash's location in Indianapolis show that 60% of customers are repeat users, and 98% indicate an intent to come back. In an era of me-too products and the clutter of an overcrowded marketplace, the Beacon Building glass building gives customers a special reason to return to a site that is otherwise hard to distinguish from the competition.